JPs Music reviewed Wayne Alpern’s Jukebox

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Wayne Alpern

JPs Music

by James Pasinski

New York City composer/arranger Wayne Alpern recently released a new full-length album titled “Jukebox.” This new twenty-song set gathers many well-known tunes together to be performed by Wayne’s five-piece band. The album begins with the the gentle, classical touch of “Accustomed To Her Face” and the waltz of “All The Things You Are.” He mixes in some very well-known movie tunes like “Beauty And The Beast,” “Do-Re-Mi” and “Over The Rainbow,” giving them a subtle makeover. Other tracks featured in this set are new, classical renditions of pop/rock classics like “Don’t Stop Believin'” and “Penny Lane,” as Wayne Alpern’s rendition turns these into new classical standard pieces of art. The mood picks up with the swinging tempo of “Have You Met Miss Jones” and the well-known holiday instrumental “Nutcracker Suite.” The album closes with the up-tempo melody of “Surrey With The Fringe,” from the musical “Oklahoma!” and an almost unrecognizable version of James Taylor’s “You’ve Got A Friend.” To find out more about Wayne Alpern and his latest release “Jukebox,” please visit

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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