Goldmine Magazine reviews The Moore-McColl Jazz Society: Electric Fantastic

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Goldmine Magazine

Jazzology: The Moore-McColl Jazz Society, Rob Silverman, Luba Mason and more

These are the jazz releases that columnist Mike Greenblatt feels wrapped up 2020 just right
by Mike Greenblatt


The Moore-McColl Jazz Society

Electric Fantastic, the self-released, self-produced debut of The Moore-McColl Jazz Society, has the kind of surprises that are like a kiss on the cheek. Supertramp’s 1979 “The Logical Song” was so ripe for a new arrangement. “I Remember Danny Gatton” is in tribute to the tragic Telecaster master who took his own life at 49. “Blues For Lonnie Williams” is for the Mississippi blues guitarist that a very young Elvis Presley listened to in Tupelo, Mississippi. Throughout, Beth Moore (vocals, keyboards) and Chance McColl (vocals, guitar) are joined by a horn section, percolating percussion, trombone and other voices to produce a nine-song stunner incorporating acoustic rock’n’roll, bluesy Americana and straight-up jazz (especially when Moore gets down with her Hammond B-3 like the legendary Jimmy Smith).

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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