Jazzweekly reviews Chris Rottmayer: Sunday at Pilars

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Chris Rottmayer: Sunday at Pilars







Dividing his time between education and performing after playing the piano for Walt Disney World for almost 20 years, Chris Rottmayer gives a studio rendition of his concert vibe with his working team of Walt Hubbard/dr, Charlie Silva/b and Jack Wilkins/ts. The material is a mix of originals and jazz standards and Rottmayer mixes up the environment with renditions in solo, trio and quartet format. He reveals a warm left hand on “The  More I See You” and a dash of romance on “Skylark” when unattended. The trio is able to deliver a hip mid tempo rendition of the standard “Cherokee”, go double time on “Break Blues for Pilar” with Silva giving some nice solo space on “My Foolish Heart” and “Emily” as Hubbard’s brushes coax the music along. Wilkins’ buff enor is upbeat on “Meteor” and relaxed on “Weaver of Dreams” while Joe Henderson’s “Mamacita” has Wilkins simmering and Rottmayer tapping into his inner McCoy Tyner with some clean and rich harmonies. Nice mainstream workout.



Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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