JAZZ2LOVE Reviews Christmas in 3D from the 3D Jazz Trio

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Album Review: Christmas in 3D from the 3D Jazz Trio

Album:  Christmas in 3D
Artist:  3D Jazz Trio
Label:  DIVA Jazz
Website:  www.3divasjazztrio.com

The 3D Jazz Trio swing, samba, shimmy, scoot, and sprint through a selection of holiday favorites on their new recording Christmas in 3D.  Comprised of Jackie Warren on piano, Sherrie Maricle on drums, and Amy Shook on bass and fiddle, 3D Jazz Trio’s kinetic rapport brings the party to their listeners with Maricle’s signature drum splashing, Warren’s nimble fingers articulating each curve in the tracks, and Shook’s melodic sensibilities for fun-loving bop.


The 3 Divas Jazz Trio show a luster in their playing that enlivens the holiday spirit.  Their smooth shuffling coasting along “Silent Night”  infuses a cool jazz swagger with a bourbon-brewed cheerfulness.  The soft tone of Warren’s doodles on the piano articulate a clarion shimmer across “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” as Shook’s subtle bass notes finesse the track to a buttery sheen.  Imbued with swinging keys and splashing drums, “Winter Wonderland” escalates the festive mood to a vodka-soaked frolic.

Maricle’s babbling beats rippling across “Up On The Housetop” are trussed by Warren’s keys playing the main motif.  The trio shifts to a bluesy jazz phrasing along “Greensleeves” and accent “O Christmas Tree” with a Latin-bent shimmy.  “Please Daddy (Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas)” adds a twist to the recording by merging hootenanny style jostling  a la Shook’s fiddle playing with swing jazz sprawls.  The trio’s whimsical alterations and impeccable delivery of the main motif is an engaging pairing.

3D Jazz Trio showcase their creative leanings and affection for the melodic motifs familiar to audiences in ten favorite holiday carols featured on their release.  Their newly designed arrangements evoke joy and happiness in audiences.  The trio’s instincts to emit feel good vibrations dominants the recording.

Sherrie Maricle – drums
Amy Shook – bass and fiddle
Jackie Warren – piano

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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