Frank Kohl is reviewed by JPs Music with “Solitude”

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Frank Kohl

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New York City guitarist Frank Kohl has been refining the art of jazz guitar since the release of his first album, almost four decades ago. His musical career has brought across the country to Seattle and back again and now Frank has finally released a solo guitar album titled “Solitude.” It features a mixture of original compositions and covers, including the wonderful finger-picking of Duke Ellington’s “I Got It Bad” and the beautiful melodic touch of Oscar Peterson’s “City Lights.” Many of Frank’s original tracks evoke that same emotion, like the run of scales on “Solitude” and the bluesy feel of “A Call For Peace,” which is certain to grab your attention. The passion and elegance of Frank’s performance comes shining through on “Still Missing You” and “In Your Arms,” as the music finds its way into your soul. He finishes his new album with bright, hopeful chords of “Wide Open” and a touching tribute to Antonio Carlos Jobim with “Once I Loved.” To find out more about Frank Kohl and his latest release “Solitude,” please visit

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Kari Gaffney

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