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Audiophile Review
by Paul Wilson
Zen Zadravec – Human Revolution Marmite Records
Zen Zadravec
Born in Winnipeg, Canada, Zadravec, in a decidedly short amount of time, has grasped jazz, R&B, funk, rock and pop and plays each with considerable passion. He feels all music is a revelation of the human experience. Jazz, however, seems to be his real passion, and he holds a Graduate Degree from Rutgers University in Jazz Presentation. “Revolution” is a work of traditional jazz. His orchestrations encompass his main instrument, the piano, but also mixed in is a strong horn section, bass and drums. He has stated he was inspired by Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock and Joe Henderson, all towering giants in traditional jazz. “Revolution” basically follows the same path. There are nine tracks totaling just over an hour of music, so each track is fairly lengthy, each one seven to ten minutes long. What I really enjoyed, as is so commonly the case, most of the tracks are upbeat, reasonably fast paced, and give the listener a toe tapping experience. Combining traditional jazz with excellent melodies and rhythm is no easy accomplishment. Zadravec pulls it off effortlessly.
Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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