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Adam Glaser


Audiophile Review
by Paul Wilson
Adam Glasser Trio – “Wide Awake” Self-Released
Adam Glaser
I am normally suspect when I see the word “Trio.” I usually assume, and very often incorrectly, the work will be thin and lifeless – not enough instrumentation to keep me interested. This is certainly one of those incorrect assumptions because in his latest release, Glasser makes the piano, drums and bass sound much larger than they really are. “Awake” is very much a work of traditional jazz and one in which most tracks are more on the softer, more melodic side. Track number three, “I Got A Name,” is a cover of the Jim Croce hit song from 1973. Track number four was inspired by Schumann’s Symphony #3 in E-Flat Major so musically, Glasser is drawing from a variety of sources. There are also original compositions as well. I found I really enjoyed this work, diverse in its musical heritage as it may be, and setting aside my occasional indifference towards trio’s, “Wide Awake” is a very entertaining work of traditional jazz.
Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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