Sophisticated award winning jazz David Bach – Fierce Heart

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David Bach


Sophisticated award winning jazz David Bach – Fierce Heart

Sophisticated award winning jazz David Bach

Sophisticated award winning jazz David Bach – FIERCE HEART:  When an album is chosen for my iPhone player within the first two bars of listening, it means it’s right at the TOP of the heap… as you listen to master keyboardist David on his new release, you’ll realize (instantly) why I fell in love with his music right away… though the video below isn’t from the new album, it gives great insight into his soulful playing…

…I most strongly recommend that you SUBSCRIBE to David’s YouTube channel, so you can enjoy all of his stunning work.

The mellow tones on the 4:50 “Strike The Note” will have you up on your feet & dancin’ ’round your living room… I have no doubt that DJ’s (of all stripes around the globe) will be programming this funky little tune in for regular airplay!

The player list is far too long to itemize here, but you can visit the BANDCAMP page for the album to see all the high-talent players David had with him… you’ll really hear their superior energy when you listen to the opening title track, “Fierce Heart“… robust playing that all true jazz fans will have to have in their collection.

There was no doubt in my mind what my choice for personal favorite of the ten tantalizing tunes David offers up was going to be… the 4:48 “Mood Swing” is among the best-crafted jazz performances I have ever heard… not just “this year”, or “last year” – EVER!

I give David and his superb players a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.99.  Get more information on David’s website.

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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