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Album Review: The Story Behind the Story from David Boswell

Album: The Story Behind the Story
Artist:  David Boswell
Label:  My Quiet Moon
Website:  https://www.davidboswell.com/

The warm aesthetics of David Boswell’s guitar playing is magnetic.  His latest CD The Story Behind the Story emanates soothing sensations from beginning to end, keeping the listener in his clutches. Joined by Mitchel Forman, Scott Kinsey  and Otmaro Ruiz  on piano, MB Gordy and Gary Novak on drums, Jimmy Haslip and Bart Samolis on bass, and Andy Snitzer on saxophone, the recording cleanses the mind of clutter and bathes the senses in blissful jaunts.

Track after track feels like a flight through lush soundscapes and leisurely rambles.  Boswell’s meanderings on the guitar through the title track pervade an ambient vibe that engulfs the listener is sheer pleasure.  The meditative swells blanketing “Prayer for the Planet” offer solace to the listener, spiking the guitar licks with a hint of flamenco while the guitar patterns sauntering along “Alta” project a modern jazz bent that buttress the glinting sparks of Kinsey’s keys. The agility and compatible improvisations of the musicians is reminiscent of the guitar trio of Kevin Eubanks, Russel Malone, and Mark Whitfield.  The musicians are so in sync with one another that the music sounds like perfection.  There is no way imaginable to improve on it.
Boswell’s narratives roam freely, always holding the listener’s attention.  Consisting of all original tracks composed by Boswell, The Story Behind the Story is a mesmerizing collection of flowing soundscapes, soothing melodic motifs, and captivating improvisations.

David Boswell – electric, acoustic and synthesized guitars
Mitchel Forman – piano
MB Gordy – drums and percussion
Jimmy Haslip – bass
Scott Kinsey – piano and keyboards
Gary Novak – drums
Otmaro Ruiz – piano and keyboards
Bart Samolis – bass
Andy Snitzer – saxophone

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