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Anson Wright


Wright’s Only Love

Bruce Von Stiers

Anson Wright

Anson Wright is one of those people who wears multiple hats. He is a novelist, poet and educator. Among his many jobs, Wright has driven a taxi, helped run a trucking company and was a cabinet builder. On top of all that, Wright is also a composer and jazz guitarist.

Several months ago, Wright released his latest work. It is a guitar based jazz album titled Only Love. Of the nine songs on the album, Wright wrote all but two of them.

Only Love has a play time of fifty-four minutes. It was produced by Wright and was released by Saphu Records.

Basically, for the album, Wright has a quartet. Besides himself on guitar, there is Jasnam Daya Singh on piano, Brian Casey on bass and Todd Scott Bishop on drums. Originally from Rio De Janeiro, Singh is a much sought after artist in the Pacific Northwest. Aside from playing gigs and recording with other jazz musicians, Casey is a professor of jazz related classes at Northern Colorado University in Greeley, Colorado. Another Pacific Northwest resident, Scott Bishop has recorded several of his own albums, along with helping out on albums such as Only Love.

A light toe-tapping sound can be heard in the first song, Rahway Blues. In a few spots, I heard a riff that sounded a little like the classic tune, Kansas City. The song has a nice bass solo in the middle that is followed by a real good guitar solo.

Maddie In New York is a moderately paced piece that has an excellent drum solo to start it out.

Solstice is a light and breezy song with nice guitar and piano.

Chelsea is soft and gentle, with Wright’s guitar the main focus for the song.

Inner Motion is kind of moody at first. Then it moves into a moderate pace with good piano and drums, along with guitar and bass sliding in.

Merci Mon Frere is a nice piece that Singh wrote. It features the piano in the intro and the move into more of a guitar based piece.

Warrior One has guitar as the main focus, in a mellow piece that has some decent drum work. And there is a nice bass solo in the song as well.

A soft and gentle ballad can be found in All Rise To Thee. It is the other song on the album that Singh wrote.

The title track, Only Love, closes out the album. It is a smooth guitar based piece.

Only Love is a pleasant way to showcase Anson Wright’s talent on guitar, along with his composition skills. The songs on the album are mostly light and easy, with some moderate pieces melded in.

Only Love is available now.

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