Adam Glaser Trio receives a stirring review from Music Man, “Glaser’s Piano performance, his Arranging, his Composing and his leadership of this super Trio is at the highest level throughout!”

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by Robert Nicosia

CD Review: Adam Glaser Trio, “Wide Awake”

Adam Glaser is a noted, award-winning conductors in the classical music world.  So why is a brilliant classical music conductor publishing a new CD with his Jazz Trio?  The answer is Adam Glaser’s talents are too immense to be limited to just one genre of music.  Adam is the Music Director of the professional caliber Juilliard Pre-College Orchestras and has conducted over 50 concerts in New York’s Lincoln Center.  He is also the Director of Orchestras at Hofstra University.  In 2019 Adam made his New York City Opera debut conducting the world premiere of Ted Rosenthal’s acclaimed Jazz opera, “Dear Eric”.  His list of musical acievements are too long to fit in this review but I think you get a pretty clear picture of who Adam Galser is musically.

I received the review copy of his new CD “Wide Awake” a few months ago but somehow it got buried in the pile of new CDs I receive every month.  I feel an obligation to listen to every CD that I receive in consideration of the massive amount of energy and money every musician spends to get these CDs done.  So when I finally listened to the CD,  I played it before I read the promotional information not expecting anything unusual.  The first song on the CD was “If You Don’t Mind” composed and arranged by Adam Glaser.  The play time of song was 5:40 but after less than 2 minutes, I picked up the promo notes to find out more about Adam Glaser and his wonderful trio.  Before I knew it, I had listened to all nine songs on the CD and so impressed with the musical product that I knew I had to publish this review.

This CD represents Adam Glaser’s debut as a Jazz leader with his Trio.  He wrote 7 of the 9 songs on “Wide Awake” and did all the arrangements.   I have stated before that the line between Classical and Jazz music sometimes can merger and Adam adds his proof to this statement with two of his compositions.  His song “Day Trip to Cologne” was inspired by Schumann’s Symphony No. 3 in E-flat Major, Op.97.  And his song “Sacrificial Rhumba” was inspired by the “Sacrificial Dance” from Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring”.

Adam Glaser has put together a sparkling Trio with Adam performing beautiful Jazz on Piano, Pete Coco on Bass and Chris Smith on Drums.  Glaser’s Piano performance, his Arranging, his Composing and his leadership of this super Trio is at the highest level throughout!

1. If You Don’t Mind
2. November
3. I got A Name
4. Day Trip To Cologne
5. True To You
6. Before The Dawn
7. Sacrificial Rhumba
8. Lullaby for A Little Boy
9. My Romance

Adam Glaser, Piano, Arranger, Composer, Producer
Pete Coco- Bass
Chris Smith- Drums

I have attached two cuts from the “Wide Awake” CD for your listening enjoyment.   The first is a wonderful Glaser composition “If You Don’t Mind” and the second is the Rodgers and Hart standard “My Romance” that  Adam performs brilliantly!

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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