Enrique Haneine – Unlayered is reviewed by All About Jazz “Enrique Haneine brings density and depth to his music.”

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by Jerome Wilson

Enrique Haneine

Enrique Haneine
Elegant Walk Records

Working with a pallet of trumpet, saxophone and bass clarinet, drummer Enrique Haneine brings density and depth to his music. Some of his compositions are straightforward. “Luculent Jiggle” has the horns chugging and bouncing over the Latin beat laid down by Haneine and bassist Jay Anderson and on “Oust No More” the three horns pound through in fast unison while Haneine struts on his drums. Other pieces have more entwined and complex structures, including the busy Middle Eastern vamping of “Dance of Endless Encounter” and the massed tango movements of “The Sweetest Finding.”

Catherine Sikora‘s saxophone work is featured on those last two while Christof Knoche‘s ponderous bass clarinet sets the tone on “Illustrious Bickering.” The two reeds constantly mingle and have fun conversations while Thomas Heberer‘s trumpet adds bite and body. Haneine’s group has a uniquely brisk and punchy sound that is very well executed.

Tracks: Behind The Missing Whisper; Luculent Jiggle; Thriving Ring; Queen Of The Underground; Dance Of Endless Encounter; Seldom Disguise; The Sweetest Finding; Illustrious Bickering; Oust No More; What Of What We Are; Once.

Personnel: Enrique Haneine: drums, cymbals, udu drum, tambourine; Thomas Heberer: trumpet; Catherine Sikora: tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone; Christof Knoche: bass clarinet; Jay Anderson: acoustic bass.

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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