Adam Glaser Trio receives 4 Stars from Roots Music Report with his new album “Wide Awake”

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Adam Glaser

Album Review of

Wide Awake

Adam Glaser
Written by Joe Ross
August 11, 2020 – 2:46pm EDT

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Pianist Adam Glaser’s debut album “Wide Awake” is a pleasant and delightful set of crisp trio jazz.  Along with Pete Coco (bass) and Chris Smith (drums), the three solid musicians give us an appealing set of Glaser originals, as well as two nicely done covers, “I Got a Name,” (by Norman Gimbel and Charles Fox) and “My Romance” (by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart).  The latter is the album’s eight-minute closer, giving each player plenty of time in the spotlight to showcase their musical ideas and improvisations. Glaser plays with an expressive, lyrical touch that emphasizes technique, phrasing and creativity. The trio seems very cohesive and copasetic on both up-tempo numbers like the opener, “If You Don’t Mind,” as well as waltzes like “November” and “True to You,” and ballads such as “Before the Dawn” and “Lullaby for a Little Boy.”  Glaser also has considerable experience as an orchestral conductor, and it’s interesting to hear his “Sacrificial Rhumba” (inspired by Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring), and “Day Trip to Cologne” (inspired by Schumann’s Symphony No. 3, Rhenish). The interplay between these three musicians makes for a nice, fruitful collaboration of similarly musically attuned comrades.  (Joe Ross, Roots Music Report)

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