The Moore-McColl Jazz Society receives 5/5 Stars with Roots Music Report

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Moore McColl

Album Review of

Electric Fantastic

Moore McColl
Written by Robert Silverstein
August 5, 2020 – 3:36pm EDT

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A band like this should be better well-known and with the 2020 CD release of their album debut Electric Fantastic, the pair known as The Moore-McColl Jazz Society are well on their way to achieving their musical aims. The 9-track Electric Fantastic is filled with a range of contemporary music that covers all imaginable sonic signposts and genres. From instrumental, guitar-centric sounds, to classic rock covers, to smooth jazz and R&B-flavored vocal pop, Electric Fantastic will surely make the top favorite albums of 2020 by music fans and critics alike. The Georgia-based duo of Beth Moore and Chance McColl sound like they’ve been around for years yet surprise, Electric Fantastic is their debut album. Not only are Beth and Chance excellent writers, but their debut album is a great showcase for their musical chops. As she ably demonstrates here, Beth is one of the top blues-meets-jazz-meets-pop singers in the US today and her piano & keyboard skills, as well as her horn arrangements, are most impressive. A lone cover of Supertramp’s ’70s classic “The Logical Song”, featuring spectacular vocals by Beth, takes the song into a jazzy, late-nite supper club ambiance. Electric Fantastic also offers Chance the perfect showcase to show off his formidable electric guitar chops, especially evidenced on the instrumental tracks, most notably “I Remember Danny Gatton”, a fitting tribute to the late great country-fusion ace that tastefully merges in the pedal steel guitar of Ben Holst. The pair are backed up by a range of players, so the album is greatly enhanced by the sheer variety of musical styles, and did I mention, the studio sound is first-rate. Even in this most serious and challenging time in history, The Moore-McColl Jazz Society makes music a pleasurable thing to simply kick back and enjoy. Take your mind off the troubles of 2020 and tune in to the Moore-McColl Jazz Society.

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