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Cece Gable


More Than A Song

Self-Released, 2020


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Cece Gable sure is in fine company on this aptly titled 4th album where Roni Ben-Hur contributes guitar, Brian Landrus delivers baritone saxophone and bass clarinet, and Harvie S and Sylvia Cuenca handle bass and drums respectively. Together, the ensemble deliver 9 American standards and 1 Brazilian tune, where Gable transcends mere music into another level of emotional intensity.

“East Of The Sun”, a Brooks Bowman original, starts the listen soft and soulful as gentle percussion and warm guitars complement Gable’s glass smooth pipes, and “As Long As I Live” follows with a playful approach as soothing instrumentation guides the calm jazz setting.

In the middle, the frisky “My Shining Hour” moves swiftly with Gable’s charming singing complementing the dynamic swing, while Cole Porter’s “What Is This Thing Called Love” benefits greatly from a plucked bass as Gable gets really expressive with her art. “Fotografia”, an album standout, then displays timeless storytelling alongside equally timeless musicianship.

At the end, “Concentrate On You” graces us with one of the busiest tunes, which illustrates incredible skill, and “Detour Ahead” exits the listen with sublime saxophone as the very cautious landscape finishes the record with mature, romantic song craft.

Gable and company make all of these tunes their own with her versatile and gripping voice never once being anything but flawless, and the instrumentation is nothing to spit at either as More Than A Song just might be the best jazz covers album of the year.

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