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Zen Zadravec


Zen Zadravec


Human Revolution

Marmite, 2020


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A pianist, saxophonist and composer as well as the frontman for two bands, Zen Zadravec has dabbled in many genres, and here he’s immersed in jazz sound as an all star cast help him explore plenty of melody, rhythm and harmony on Human Revolution.

“The Nature Of All Things” starts the listen busy with a dizzying display of trumpets from John Douglas as Zadravec’s key acrobatics shine bright, too, in the Latin and swing atmosphere, and “Mentor Disciple” follows with a meditative melody as Mike Pope’s bass work adds much to the playful, intricate jazz setting.

Halfway through, “Climb” moves with a spirited delivery as Dylan Bell’s vocals add much to the dynamic 9 minutes that tips its hat to legends like Freddie Hubbard and Kenny Garrett, while “Jamiliah” is an emotive and vocally heavy album highlight that documents a husbands love for his wife.

Near the end, “Lillies And Roses” starts cautious and introspective before building into a busy display calculated precision, and the title track exits the listen with a sax heavy finish courtesy of Todd Bashore that encapsulates all the strengths of the players on hand.

A listen with no shortage of sublime solos and where vocals are often used as an instrument, Zadravec and company deliver rich compositions where unpredictable chord progressions and endless beauty are present and absorbed well.

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