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David Boswell


David Boswell


The Story Behind The Story

My Quiet Moon, 2020


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A proficient guitarist who is also a strong songwriter, David Boswell is in fine company here as he offers 8 originals and 1 tune penned by his producer on this 6th album as leader.

“Miraculous” starts the listen with soothing guitar as frisky percussion from MB Gordy enters the calming jazz setting, and “A Los Angeles Minute” continues the mood with superb saxophone prowess from Andy Snitzer and flawless bass from Bart Samolis as the dynamic landscape shifts from busy to bare.

Near the middle, the title track brings in piano from Mitchel Forman that adds much to breezy melodies and festive climate, while “Prayer For The Planet” benefits greatly from intricate picking from Boswell on the sublime ballad. “Alta”, one of the album’s best, then displays Scott Kinsey’s key talents alongside remarkable guitar from Boswell.

Near the end, “Los Olivos” moves with a playful and swift execution of timeless jazz, and “The Sun And The Moon” finishes out the listen with a dizzying performance of saxophone and drum meticulousness that exits on a very memorable note.

Boswell is undeniably influenced by Pat Metheny, who he used to study under, and his technical guitar playing anchors this exceptional effort where an all star cast helps make this one of the best modern jazz records of 2020.

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