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Album Review: More Than A Song from CeCe Gable

Album:  More Than A Song
Artist:  CeCe Gable
Label:  CCGableLLC
Website:  www.cecegable.com

Vocalist CeCe Gable works her sultry timbres through a trove of jazz standards on her latest release More Than A Song.  The warm texture of her register and graceful swagger of her vocal inflections make her recording sonically heavenly on the aural senses.  From the seductive lure she projects through “As Long As I Live” to the reflective shimmer in her vocals ruminating across “Fotografia,” Gable holds her audience with rapt attention.

The coquettish lilt in her vocal inflections caress the gentle swells of “East of the Sun” as Harvie S’s bass solo engraves a rumba-esque sway augmented by the gentle waves of Roni Ben-Hur’s guitar riffs.  Gable treats each track with loving care as she fodders the amorous embers of “Love Is a Necessary Evil,” transitioning into the soft rhythmic pulse of “I Thought About You,” as the tender billow of Ben-Hur’s guitar chords cling to Gable’s vocal musings.

Gable and her band kick up the rhythm to a swinging tempo along “My Shining Hour,” featuring the rapid drum strikes of Sylvia Cuenca.  The glistening notes of Ben-Hur’s guitar combined with Cuenca’s drumming produce an attractive splashing effect that withdraws along Cole Porter’s signature number “What Is This Thing Called Love,” as Gable duets with Harvie S on bass, creating a sparse and winsome melody.  The two make a magnetic pair who illustrate a gripping hold on their audience.  Closing the recording with “Detour Ahead,” Brian Landrus’ bass clarinet stitches very refined threads into the melodic weave that elevates the listener’s experience.

Gable fascinates the listener with her vocal inflections, eloquent phrasing, and tender treatment of these jazz standards.  Her band members play to her strengths as a sultry vocalist, making the recording a tranquilizing experience for the listener.

CeCe Gable – vocals
Roni Ben-Hur – guitar
Harvie S: – bass
Sylvia Cuenca: – drums
Brian Landrus – baritone saxophone and bass clarinet

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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