Adam Glaser Trio


Wide Awake

Self-Released, 2020


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An extremely exciting and adaptable conductor who is making waves in today’s classical music scene, here Adam Glaser works alongside Pete Coco and Chris Smith on this debut album as leader where classical and jazz ideas point at influences from legends like Bill Evans and Brad Mehldau.

“If You Don’t Mind”, an original, starts the album with bright keys from Glaser, as crisp percussion by Smith and fluent bass from Coco guides the soft jazz landscape, and “November” continues the graceful setting with a piano focused and often soothing delivery.

Near the middle, “Day Trip To Cologne”, which was inspired by Schumann’s Symphony No. 3 In E-Flat Major, Op 97, Rhenish, moves with a bouncy and playful spirit while being full of rhythm and building into a busy display of mammoth skill, while “True To You” takes a softer approach complete with frisky key acrobatics. “Before The Dawn”, a late album highlight, then finds all sorts of beauty to reside in as gentle percussion guides the warm balladry.

The album finishes with the timeless, reflective charm of “Lullaby For A Little Boy”, and the strong melodies of the indeed romantic “My Romance” finishes out the listen just as strong as it started.

Glaser is a founding member of Philork Jazz and has seen his work performed by over 30 orchestras, and it’s easy to see why; he possesses an innovative vision and his delivery is nothing short of flawless as hits it out of the park on this first recording as leader.

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