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Linda Purl


Linda Purl – “Taking A Chance On Love” Reaching Records

AR-LindaPurl225.jpgLinda Purl? My first thought when I picked up the CD. Didn’t she used to play on the show staring Andy Griffith called Matlock? I would have sworn I had seen an actress named Linda Purl in other shows. Na, couldn’t be the same person. As I began listening to music, and reading the press release, I found out that yes, this is the same Linda Purl who played Andy’s daughter on the country attorney show. She also has a rather impressive theater resume and most recently appeared on the Amazon show, “Claire-ity.” So what about this particular release? Well, it is certainly traditional jazz. Absolutely laid back and reflective. Twelve tracks, all covers from the “Great American Songbook.” Her voice is exceptionally remarkable, she has an outstanding range and is very easy to listen to, throughout all tracks. Once I forgot about all the other minutia and just payed attention to the music for music’s sake, I realized how wonderful a work “Chance” really is. Memorable music performed memorably. Can’t go wrong there.

Overall: 8

Sonics: 8

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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