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Jenny Davis

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by Rudy Palma

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Jenny Davis, Rearranged (Three Penny, 2020)

Vocalist and composer Jenny Davis puts for her fourth album Rearranged. Her newest endeavor is a becoming, a step forward in the amalgamation of twenty years of performing and ideas that resonate with a depth of original material that ranges in tempo, timbre, and at times instrumentation. Nine of the twelve tracks are Davis’ originals. It is in her originals where the listener can find smartly crafted lyrics and instrumentals that, at times, step into the third-stream leaning. Davis has a supple buoyancy to her voice that feels inviting. She utilizes each finite quality of her voice as a vehicle of profundity. Rearranged takes the listener through aspects of Latin-word-jazz like “Aceptar,” or the playful Herbie Hancock tune “And What If I Don’t.” Joined by GRAMMY-nominated Jovino Santos Neto, whose masterful command illuminates each track. I especially liked “Gemini Tango,” its seductive rhythms and poetic lyric are memorable. Rearranged is a masterstroke of rarified ingenue and seasoned doyen. Davis is a full-fledged delight.

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