Donna Singer is reviewed by Take Effect with her new album Set Your Heart Free

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Donna Singer


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Set Your Heart Free

Emerald Baby, 2020


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An artist with a very appropriate name, Donna Singer has already traveled the globe with her exceptional singing prowess and vibrant energy. Here, Singer is aligned with Roy Singer and Mitchell Uscher, who handle songwriting duties on the bulk of these rich and timeless songs.

“Destination Jazz” gets the album off to a playful start where frisky keys from Brad Keller, soulful brass and punchy percussion complement Singer’s flawless and expressive pipes, and this continues to the rhythmic and swift classic jazz of “When You Have A Dream”, as well as the gentle and moving spirit of “Donna’s Lullaby”.

The back half of the listen glows, too, with the percussively strong “Spread Your Wings”, where Adolfo Herrera’s skills behind the drum kit shine, while “My Dear” benefit from bare instrumentation as Singer’s vocals shine bright while Ranses Colon’s bass and finger snapping support her. Singer ends the listen with “We Can Make A Stand”, where a punchy, full setting unfolds with plenty of melody entering the dance friendly setting.

A record with a very thoughtful approach that embraces independence, empathy and love, Singer and company have crafted an exceptional effort that is as relative today as it will be 20 years from now, and will musically age just as well.

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