Jenny Davis receives 5/5 Stars with Root Music Report with Rearranged

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Jenny Davis


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Written by Robert Silverstein
May 30, 2020 – 4:15pm EDT

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Her fourth album as a band leader, Rearranged features the music and lead vocals of Jenny Davis. The 12-track Rearranged CD is mostly all original music yet there is a cover of Herbie Hancock’s “And What If I Don’t” and a cover of a long forgotten song called “Calling You”, that was featured in the famous 1980s movie Bagdad Café. Recorded in 2019 in the town of Fife, Washington, Rearranged features a number of excellent backing musicians and even a saxophone quartet on a track. An accomplished pianist herself, Jenny puts the piano work into the skillful hands of Jovino Santos Neto, while the bass work of Chuck Deardorf and drumming of Jeff Busch adds a totally professional touch to the album. Although Rearranged is very much steeped in modern, mainstream jazz, the approach and even the sound of Jenny’s vocals will clearly appeal to pop and jazz listeners. Rearranged is like a finely cut diamond that sparkles and has many sides to it. Jenny Davis will make pop and jazz vocal fans very happy with Rearranged.

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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