3D Jazz Trio is reviewed by Take Effect with their new album “I Love To See You Smile”

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3D Jazz Trio


3D Jazz Trio


I Love To See You Smile

DIVA, 2020


Listen to I Love To See You Smile

The 3D Jazz Trio consists of Jackie Warren, Amy Shook and Sherrie Maricle, who are not only good friends, but musical soulmates. Together, the 3 rework traditionals and standards from several decades on this feel good record where each member brings their respective talent in spades.

Randy Newman’s “I Love To See You Smile” starts the listen with precise keys, playful percussion and warm bass lines in the striking opener, and “Bésame Mucho” follow with piano from Warren dominating the careful landscape that builds into a frenzied display of vast skill.

In the middle, the rhythmic approach of ”Back At The Chicken Shack” leaves an impression, while “Angel Eyes”, a Matt Dennis tune, finds an elegant, romantic place to reside where piano and bass work together dynamically and with much soul.

Towards the end, “When You And I Were Young, Maggie” finds a soothing melody amid some bluesy spirit that is certainly an album stand out, and “L.O.V.E.”, a tribute to Maurice Hines Jr., exits the listen swiftly with a shuffling pace of adventurous song craft.

An aptly titled effort, this listen is nothing but fun, as the trio shift from powerful to passionate and never without large amount of charm. It’s amazing to think that the ladies have only been playing together for 6 years, as their undeniable chemistry seems like it’s decades in the making.

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