Linda Purl is reviewed by Times Square Chronicles with her new album “Taking A Chance On Love”

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Linda Purl

Times Square Chronicles

by Suzanna Bowling

Linda Purl Is Taking a Chance On Love But Gives Tribute to Her Child

When you think of Linda Purl TV Movies of the Week, Happy Days, Matlock, The Office and Homeland come to mind, but her career as a chanteuse is well respected taking her all over the world. NYC’s Birdland, Lincoln Center Jazz, Feinstein’s/ 54 Below, The Green Room 42, The Beach Club, London’s Crazy Coqs, Club Raye in Paris, Catalina Jazz Club and Tokyo’s Satin Doll are just some of the venue’s that Ms Purl has claimed as her own.

Sweeping and dreamy Taking A Chance On Love, Purl’s 5th CD starts with “Pure Imagination” into a swinging “Never Never Land”. Her voice is distinctive with a unique sound that has a range that is pure.

drummer Ray Marchina

These are Purl’s takes on the classic American songbook.The next selection “I Have Dreamed” from The King and I is sexual, full of longing and wistful craving. Tedd Firth has done some fabulous arrangements. Though not credited I know this master musicians work and his wonderful stamp is all over this CD.

Ted Firth

Uptempo, fun and full of jove de vie “Lucky Day” is upbeat and highly listenable.

Linda Purl

Back with the purr of a kitten “And We Will Fly/ Come Fly With Me” reaches musical heights.

“Taking a Chance on Love” brings bassist David Finck and drummer Ray Marchina to the forefront. I love Purl’s vocal slides, which give the lyric so much more meaning.

Linda Purl

Learner and Lane’s “Too Late Now” in Purl’s capable hands drives forth the sentiment and love of this era. This intimate take has style.

Abbey Lincoln’s “Throw It Away” far Eastern feel has Purl’s caressing vocals delivering the lyrics as a cautionary tale.

Jobin’s “Wave” has that distinct bossa nova feel, making you feel like you are soaking up the sun on a beach in Brazil or dancing a samba. Flute player Nelson Rangel, is featured with a groovy solo. I found myself chair dancing into a hypnotic trance.

Nelson Rangel now on tenor sax starts “Darn That Dream”, as powerful and impressive vocals carry this tune to new levels. Purl understands lyric and has fresh takes on all the material.

One of my favorite pieces on the CD is Cy Coleman’s and Carolyn Leigh’s swinging “You Fascinate Me”. Pianist and arranger Ted Firth goes wild and singer and pianist gel in such a way that seems seamless. I love the syncopation. Though Purl doesn’t scat, she uses the words in such a way that you hear master jazz intuitions.

“Try Your Wings” brings such nuance to Purl’s vocals, as her vocal’s produce a richness that is infectious.

Billy Joel’s “Lullaby” (Goodnight My Angel) is dedicated to Purl’s own child and is so touching, that I had to google to see if her child was still alive.

Purl’s placement at times seem odd, but it grow on you. This CD is perfect for reflective nights with a glass of wine or for those who love jazz and the Great American Songbook. I know I will play this for weeks to come.

Taking A Chance On Love is scheduled to be released on May 29 on Reaching Records. The proceeds from the first month’s sales will go to the MusiCares Covid-19 Fund and the second months proceeds will go to when you buy direct from the website

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