Tomas Martin Lopez holds strong at #12 on the NACC Latin Chart for a 3rd week

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The nexus between American jazz and Afro-Latino rhythmic traditions has always been a rich and fertile zone. When musicians are deeply rooted and nourished by those traditions, they are able to launch their jazz explorations in ways that both fascinate the knowing listener and incite the joyful dancer. No matter how they stretch and texture their improvisations, at the core is a primordial pulse… a divine heart beat… a rhythm rising.

The rhythm has no past, present or future. It can be layered with electric piano, muted trumpet, distorted guitar or wailing saxophone… and still it rises. The rhythm can be pushed to mambo madness, smoothed to bossa nova coolness or cajoled into a sassy cha-cha, and still it rises. It can be propelled back to an ancient 6/8 güiro, spiced up with a fiery bomba, or caressed into a sensual bolero… and still it rises.

This collective of seasoned musicians delivers beautifully on the promise of the album’s title. The abiding respect they have for the Afro-Latino rhythms is amply demonstrated in the authenticity with which they are played and built upon. They artfully interact, support and push each other in a spirit of comradery. The result is a lovingly arrayed collection of mostly original compositions by contemporary composers who are also virtuosic players performing on this recording.

1. Rhythm Rising – 6:31 Joe Mannozzi – Echo Park Project BMI.
2. Running in Place – 4:00 Bill O’Connell – SESAC
3. Inversions – 4:09 Jeff Ciampa – Jeff Ciampa Natushabi music BMI.
4. Soul Six – 7:09 Bill O’Connell
5. Sonic Tonic – 4:59 Jeff Ciampa
6. Stilts – 4:57 Bill O’Connell
7. Un Poco Loco – 6:22 Bill O’Connell, Composer – Bud Powell – HFA
8. Bossa Dorado – 4:48 Jeff Ciampa, Composer – Patrick Dorado Schmitt – SACEM/ASCAP
9. Little T – 6:28 Bill O’Connell
10. Up in Smoke – 6:39 Jeff Ciampa
Bill O’Connell – Piano, Fender Rhodes.
David Mann – Saxes & Flute.
Jeff Ciampa – Guitar & Synth.
Richie Barshay – Drums.
Ruben Rodriguez – Bass.
Tomas Martin Lopez – Congas & Percussion.
Guests on Up in Smoke:
Carlo Lopez – Kenken Bell.
Chris Pasin – Trumpet on Up in Smoke & Sonic Tonic, Flugelhorn on Un Poco Loco.
Chris Persad – Trumpet – Harmon Mute.
Tim Sessions – Trombone.

Artist: Tomas Martin Lopez
CD Title: Rhythm Rising
Label: bongotoms music LLC
Add Date: November 5, 2018

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