Terrence Wintersmith is reviewed by Staccatofy with a 9.0 Rating with A Walk in the Woods

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Terrence Wintersmith

Terrence Wintersmith, A Walk in the Woods Review


Vocalist, composer, and keyboardist Terrence Wintersmith is a chameleon of sound. His background is as varied as his music on his latest release, A Walk in the Woods. With a career spanning forty years, Wintersmith has performed and recorded with a myriad of artists ranging from eighties pop diva Laura Branigan, surf music pioneer Dan Hamilton, country legends Chet Atkins, Floyd Cramer, Boots Randolph, and jazz musicians Chester Thompson, and Jeff Coffin. Though A Walk in the Woods is listed with retail outlets as jazz, the album leans more towards world and even smooth jazz with a peppering of jazz.

Positives: Wintersmith is a crack arranger and composer. His melodies evoke luminous textural delights. Each tune is a journey of elevation in both mind and spirit.

Bottom Line:  Eighteen musicians contribute to Wintersmith’s compositions bringing each one to life in various musical settings. From world inspired melodies like the title track or introspective moodiness of “Ridgetop,” or “I’m Always Dreaming,” that offer a reflective smoothness. “Jumping and Jiving,” is a full-tilt pop-smooth-jazz cut, replete with multi-harmony voices that add a hint of hipster. The closing track “Almafi,” once again conjures a world inspired new age beauty that feels Winston-esque in its approach. It’s hard to classify A Walk in the Woods, so put simply, enjoy. That’s the short of it!

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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