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Raquel Cepeda

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Raquel Cepeda – “Passion”  Raquel Cepeda Music LLC


Raquel Cepeda

Imagine being a geological engineer in the oil industry. Imagine then casting all of that aside to pursue a career in music. Think that might be “Passion?” Because that is exactly what Venezuelan born Cepeda did. Growing up in a family of musicians, Cepeda was endeared to music as much as she was science. I cannot say with any certainty which is the better off for her talents, engineering or music, but what I can state is her “passion” for Latin Jazz is complete. All thirteen tracks, five of which are originals, are done in a Latin jazz style and something I didn’t think I would like but actually did, many tracks prominently feature a trumpet with a mute. There are two saxophones, two sets of drums, a conga, percussion and piano all sometimes sizzling as Latin jazz does, and sometimes portraying a very mellow, introspective sound. Cepeda’s voice is excellent and the listener will not find themselves thinking “she shoulda stayed in the oil industry.” She has a great voice for sure. Some of the lyrics are sung in Spanish, others in English and all arrangements are well done. Personally, I think the oil industry will survive because music is certainly the beneficiary of Raquel Cepeda.

Overall:  8.5

Sonics:   8

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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