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Peter Lin: New Age Old Ways

Big toned trombonist Peter Lin shows strength and confidence as he literally locks horns with famed tenor saxist JD Allen in a pianoless quartet. Bassist Ian Kenselaar and drummer Nic Cacioppo leave the horns nowhere to hide as they drive hard, snapping and riding up the backs of the horns on “Celestial Being” and the charging “Mantis Shrimp,” but the front line rides the tsunami like long boarders. Lin coasts over the busy drums of the title track like he’s on fire, while his ballad read of “Akong” is dreamy and warm. Allen is bluesy on soprano with Kenselaar getting some space on “R ed Label” and on tenor the foams at the mouth on the hip bopper “TNT Theme,” giving tribute to the vintage blowing sessions of the 50s. These guys blow like a hurricane-lock your shutters!

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