Melbreeze Continues to Chart at RMR with Animazonia

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Melbreeze continues to chart on the RMR Top 50 Jazz Chart, peaking at 21 for 5 weeks with Animazonia

Melbreeze was born in the historic port city of Smyrna, Turkey – home to illustrious Greek and Roman settlements. As a only child, she grew up in a house where music flowed freely and she found company in art.

5 Weeks on the RMR Top 50 Jazz Chart, peaking at #21


Her first foray into performance was through ballet, which she started learning when she was five years old and pursued for many years to come. After completing her academic education,
having majored in Business Administration as an undergrad and going to the United States for further education, Melbreeze focused on raising her own family.


Melbreeze’s love for music though never wavered and she dreamed that one day she could do the kind of music she wanted. And now, after many years of training, expectations, love and dedication, she is sharing all her thoughts and feelings that she kept hidden inside for years for the release of her ninth album titled, Animazonia (produced by Jimmy Haslip and Scott Kinsey).

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