Enrique Haneine enjoys a 12th week on the RMR Top 50 Jazz Chart, peaking at #7 overall

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Enrique Haneine is a jazz-world musician, composer, pianist, drummer, improviser, and educator that is currently living in New York City and was born in Mexico City from Lebanese descent. Haneine was raised in Mexico, immersed in Latin groove, and heavily underpinned with classical and jazz studies, it is why his music extends from the soul with influences from his heritage. It is a powerful sound, the lineage traces its way into the ancient world, a history of music that he carries in the lineage of his life story.


He is known for his versatile performances and leadership in the music scene, Haneine has grown as both a soloist, band leader, and member of numerous bands, his superb mastery of multiple styles has afforded him the pleasure and honor of performing and collaborating alongside numerous great musicians, which has influenced and informed his unique personal style, which blends innovative technique with uninhibited, yet intelligent improvisation.


Haneine’s incredible energy, dedication and love for life and music can be felt by the way he expresses the influence of different cultures and his vast education, his academic achievements include holding four degrees, deepened by his life experiences, he has been exposed to by giving back and continuing the constant search which is exhibited by the sound achieved in his music.


Immediately recognized for his ability and presence, Haneine has won international jazz competitions and received multiple music awards, his reputation as a brilliant artist and talented arranger are well earned, his repertoire has evolved and matured into the realm of free jazz, standards and Latin jazz forays. Ranging from his past role as music director for Ricky Martin and for numerous productions, and performances, he has collaborated with some of the greatest jazz musicians. A winner of the Jane Jarvis Jazz Competition, voted All About Jazz New York’s Best of 2005 Albums of the Year, Grammy Nominated for his performance on the Best Latin Jazz Album 2013 are only a few of the accomplishments Haneine enjoys.


Though his experiences are vast, Haneine has had a desire and pull to explore upon free improvisations, founded in the Jazz, Latin, and Lebanese traditions, linking the dots from the Cedars of Lebanon, through the open veins of the beloved Latin America, to the melting-pot of New York city.


His last recording entitled INSTANTS OF TIME was released in January of 2016 successfully reaching its own innovative character and sound garnering fantastic reviews and making it to the top of the jazz charts with thirteen original compositions.


His most recent recording entitled THE MIND’S MURAL will be release in late August of 2018, including eleven original compositions exploring the forces and influences that direct the mind to interpret and react, like images composing a mural of perception. Maintaining the jazz, Latin and middle eastern influence, the use of innovative rhythms in odd meter contexts and driving intervallic yet lyrical melodies, the free jazz conversation is achieved in a high caliber, sensitive linear setting.


Elegant Walk Records, is once again proud to present, the latest offering from Enrique Haneine The Mind’s Mural. After his successful last release Instants of Time, that relates to the different levels and dimensions of the illusion of time, by using original compositions and wrapping with the texture of music, the cultures that are reflective of the lineage of his life, gaining raving reviews and positioning itself on the top of the jazz charts. Enrique Haneine does it again, bringing a powerful production consisting of eleven original compositions, that explores the forces and influences that directs the mind to interpret and react, like images composing a mural of perception.


Maintaining the jazz, Latin and middle eastern influence, the use of innovative rhythms in odd meter contexts and driving intervalic yet lyrical melodies, the free jazz conversation is achieved with a high caliber and sensitive group of musicians in a linear setting of two saxophones, bass and drums.


The mural of the mind is about three main forces that help curate those paintings, those pictures, images and memories that constitute our mind, like an endless museum. First, the given, the raw, the greatest force, so infinitely powerful. Second, the inherited, the genetic, and third, the accumulation, the social and cultural assimilation, the experiences, the concepts and definitions by which we function in illusion.


The compositions explore the vibrations, the interpretations of life by surrendering to the resonance and connections that arise from these experiences and how it shapes the music, the improvisation, by reacting to how we perceive the outside, the sounds and how they are filtered through our experiences within the three stages of the mind and create that transcendental conversation.


This offering is particularly special in the way the compositions and the interaction is used to explore the elements of the mural of the mind. The given, the inherited, the accumulation. The process of perceiving, interpreting, reacting…the mirror of our own perception. Breathe, feel, connect, aim for the transcendental value. The reflection of your own self consequence, in art, in life, which belongs to the aggregate. Search beyond, find your self existence and allow the continuity, encounter the echo of your own interpretation…Enjoy!


1. Once A Thought 4:52
2. The Seventh Layer 6:54
3. The One Eleven Tale 6:19
4. Just Because 4:22
5. Motionless Passage 5:28
6. Hidden Mirrors 6:04
7. Reality Shape 4:54
8. Like A Bronco 5:32
9. While You’re Away 7:03
10. Life of It’s Own 7:49
11. Komet 6:36


Anna Webber – tenor saxophone
Catherine Sikora – tenor & soprano saxophones
Carlo de Rosa – acoustic bass
Enrique Haneine – drums, cymbals & udu drum


Artist: Enrique Haneine
CD Title: The Mind’s Mural
Label: Elegant Walk Records
Add Date: August 27, 2018
Street Date: August 24, 2018
Website: www.enriquejazz.com

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