Elsa Nilsson sits down with Talking Flutes EXTRA for an Interview on her New Album

As a musician you have to be true to yourself – An interview with the 2018 NFA Jazz artist winner Elsa Nilsson – Talking Flutes Extra
Aug 20th,2018


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“Music has to come from the heart” and “improvisation shouldn’t be scary”This week in ‘Talking Flutes Extra’ recorded at the NFA Convention in Orlando on the 12th August 2018, I’m in dialogue with the fabulous musician Elsa Nilsson and talk about her latest and very special new album entitled ‘After Us’ as well as her winning the Jazz Artist competition at the Flute Convention.
For more information on the improvising flutist that is Elsa then visit www.elsanilssonmusic.com where you can find more details and pre-order her stunning new ‘After Us’ album.


Next week Clare returns with her ‘Talking Flutes’ podcast and records a fascinating interview at her home with musician, composer and educator Andy Scott.


‘Talking Flutes’ and ‘Talking Flutes Extra’ are podcast productions by Trevor James flutes.  For more information visit www.trevorjamesflutes.com



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