Elsa Nilsson & Jon Cowherd enjoy an 8th week on the RMR Top 50 Jazz Chart, peaking at #21 overall.

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Swedish/American Flutist and composer Elsa Nilsson approaches music with an attitude of inclusiveness. She believes there is a space to be found in music that gives us the freedom to be exactly who we are, with no pretending and no hiding. This leads her to make some unconventional choices in her compositions and playing based on where she feels the music wants to go. The lines between styles become blurred and rules get bent in order to communicate the raw emotion and human moments that tie us all together. Nilsson draws inspiration from every aspect of life and music that moves her, combining them through the lens of Jazz to create a deeply personal expression that she hopes is universally relatable.


The Kentucky-born, New Orleans-schooled, New York-based pianist Jon Cowherd is best known for his long-running partnership with drummer/bandleader Brian Blade, with whom he co-founded the Brian Blade Fellowship, The Fellowship’s highly acclaimed albums showcase Cowherd’s stellar keyboard work and singular compositional skills. When not recording and touring with the Fellowship, Cowherd has worked extensively with a broad array of musicians from the jazz, pop and rock worlds.





Together, Nilsson and Cowherd weave a rich musical tapestry with inspiration from both of their diverse musical backgrounds. They have been playing in this paired down duo setting around New York City since 2014, exploring the space that opens up when instruments are stripped away. They play originals and arrangements of standards and have performed at The Blue Note Jazz Club, Rockwood Music Hall, Cafe Vivaldi and more.


“(Nilsson’s) music is warm with a tactile sense of emotional empathy, without exaggerations.”
-Leif Wigh, Orkesterjournalen


“One of the most dynamic bandleaders in the New York jazz scene.”
-Nick Dunston, Hot House Jazz Magazine



“Elsa has a beautiful conception of melody
and music.”
– Chris Potter


“…so much creativity”
-Hubert Laws


“skillfully executed in all ways, well formulated with a clear vision”
-Peter Sjöblom, Mono Magazine


  1.  Same Trees 8:04
  2. How To Keep Moving, How To Stay 4:37
  3.  Distant Dawn 8:42
  4.  Crimson 4:31
  5. With A Smile 5:54
  6. Blessings * 6:04
  7. Practice Patience 5:52
  8. Baltica* 5:54
  9. After Us 6:01


Elsa Nilsson: flute, alto flute, bass Flute
Jon Cowherd: piano


*Compositions by Jon Cowherd, all others by Elsa Nilsson

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