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Jeff Reed: “Look For The Light” – Jeff Reed is a bass player and composer who has performed and recorded with a lot of different artists. Look For The Light is his first album as a band leader, and it features a mix of original material and covers. It opens with a cool rendition of Charlie Parker’s “Segment,” featuring a wonderful rhythm that takes us on an interesting journey, the other instruments seeming to be on the same ride as us, and we almost feel like we could converse with them. There is a really good drum solo toward the end. And this track sets the tone for the album, which has plenty of great work on bass and drums. One of my favorite bass leads is on the following track, “Waltz New.” There is so much movement to it, so much life. Of the original material, I love the way the horns pull us along in “Conversion,” bright bursts to guide us, and again over a good rhythm. That track also features an exciting lead on guitar, moving close to rock territory. And things take off from there. The album’s title track, “Look For The Light,” eases in and becomes a beautiful piece. The album’s final track, “Your Name Never Came Up,” is a lively piece featuring some outstanding work, particularly on guitar and drums. Joining Jeff Reed on this album are Sean Jones on trumpet, Todd Marcus on bass clarinet, Jonathan Epley on guitar, and Eric Kennedy on drums. This album was released today, June 5, 2020.

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