Nominated for Promoter of the Year | 3rd Year in a Row

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It was very fulfilling to receive a nomination this year for a 3rd year in a row by the Jazzweek radio chart.  Especially since our roster is filled with predominately non-label artists, this nomination is especially exciting.  I view the nomination for all of us; in that it speaks to the music itself.  It is profoundly my joy to promote the artists who make the music.  I also want to thank the Jazzweek radio panel for all the hardworking programmers out there that take a chance on new music.  It is their pioneering spirit that makes the radio waves exciting. Their curation of new music is still what makes the radio heartbeat pump.  The evolution of Pandora and Spotify still does not replace the human curation that happens at each station, on each jazz show.  That is becoming more apparent as time goes on, as listeners are turning back to their local stations and online programs for the personality of the curator.  As great as technology is; and it is great, the human factor still reigns supreme!


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About Kari-On Productions:
Founded by Kari Gaffney in 1988, Kari-On Productions was created by musicians for musicians to give an even footing in the ever changing, ever-evolving music fabric. Music has expanded its ability and definition of “broadcasting,” and so have we. A 21st century way of thinking, we don’t look in the rear view mirror; we keep our eyes on the road ahead so we can watch the trends and keep you #trending.


Prior to forming Kari-On Productions, Gaffney a native Southern Californian, grew up surrounded by family and friends deeply involved in all aspects of the entertainment industry; many are famous performers, actors, songwriters, producers and sound engineers. Gaffney herself has 3 pop albums, 2 jazz albums and has recorded numerous singles for various compilation CDs. Her jazz releases enjoyed national distribution through Borders, Books and Music (as an independent artist) when they were the leading retail outlet for jazz. In addition, Gaffney put together 5 US tours on her own to promote Angel Eyes and Satin Doll, including over 300 in-store promotional appearances. This profound “in the trenches” approach gave Gaffney the foundation, that would then be built upon 28 years of #doing for other artists successfully, which has lent her the ability to offer insight and experience to empower so many musicians across the globe.

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

Since 1988 Kari-On Productions has helped artists get an even footing in the industry through jazz promotion in the genres of Jazz, World & Latin Jazz through Jazz Radio and Publicity. Why do we do both, because they compliment each other, and we care about fiscal longevity for the artist.

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