It IS Officially National Radio Day #NationalRadioDay

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Join the celebration of National Radio Day

National Radio Day is a time for communities across the country to celebrate radio. The goal is to strengthen the radio ecosystem, highlighting all kinds of radio, but especially stations that focus on local service. We want to ensure that amazing noncommercial stations are included in the national conversation.

From events and parties to special programming and more, there are so many ways for listeners, producers and stations to get involved.


Radio is more than the warm sound from a Neumann U87, NPR’s virtual house microphone. Radio is the lives we touch.


It’s the first time you heard John Coltrane, or maybe that new burgeoning artist you would never hear on any other station, the time you had to look up a word someone used or a meme that came up, and the people we listen to and with whom we become acquainted.


Its origins are unclear, but by many accounts it emerged in the 1990s as a rallying point for a resilient medium. It traces some lineage to the UNESCO-recognized World Radio Day in February. This year, may it be public and community radio’s space not only to honor our people and the memories we inspire, but also to acknowledge our significance in today’s variegated media and cultural landscape.


Noncommercial radio is the programs we love, yet, as media consumption has splintered, it is also the experience of a particular voice. It’s the millennial streaming an evocative conversation about the election. It’s the teenager in a small town or suburb scanning the dial late in the evening to discover bold music and culture. It’s a community of people of color hearing itself represented by its own collection of rich characters in ways that matter.


National Radio Day is intended to get cities and towns buzzing about the importance of radio. For public and community radio, it’s an opportunity to talk about what we offer the wider world. Our concepts of community, engaging audiences and even radio are evolving. Public and community radio have answered the call in creative ways. Public and community radio are committed to serve our country as never before.

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

Since 1988 Kari-On Productions has helped artists get an even footing in the industry through jazz promotion in the genres of Jazz, World & Latin Jazz through Jazz Radio and Publicity. Why do we do both, because they compliment each other, and we care about fiscal longevity for the artist.

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