IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Chris Rottmayer, Sunday at Pilars

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Chris Rottmayer, Sunday at Pilars

A studio recording, Sunday at Pilars, replicates the vibe of the group’s
Sunday gigs at Pilars Martini in Winter Garden, Florida

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Chris Rottmayer is a jazz pianist, composer, and jazz vibraphonist living in Madison, Wisconsin. Chris has been a freelance jazz pianist since 1990, was a pianist for Walt Disney World from 1999 to 2020, and has released three albums as a leader: Reactive Synthesis (2013), So In Love (2020), and Sunday at Pilars (2020), Rottmayer is currently the 􀂮nstructor of Jazz Piano at the University of South Florida, where he has taught since 2007 and is pursuing a DMA in Piano Performance at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he holds a Teaching Assistantship in the Theory Department.

Sunday at Pilars is Rottmayer’s third album and is comprised mostly of American Popular Songbook standards and jazz tunes. Produced in collaboration with Pilars Martini and Walt Hubbard, the album includes quartet, trio, and solo piano tracks. Three of Rottmayer’s original songs are featured: “Trocadero,” “Waltz for Julia,” and “Break Blues for Pilar.” The tracks are flavored in a decidedly straight-ahead fashion, with a nod to the shuffle grooves and swing feels of the classic Hammond organ groups, only on piano!

A studio recording, Sunday at Pilars, replicates the vibe of the group’s Sunday gigs at Pilars Martini in Winter Garden, Florida. This band performed there regularly on Sunday afternoons between 2015 and 2018. Once a month, Pilars would feature a guest artist with Rottmayer’s trio. The quartet tunes here feature tenor saxophonist Jack Wilkins, Director of Jazz Studies at the University of South Florida, and a long-time instructor at the Jamey Aebersold jazz camps.


1. Meteor 4:32 (Tal Farlow)
2. Weaver of Dreams 8:41 (Victor Young)
3. Skylark 3:50 (Hoagy Carmichael)
4. Mamacita 7:43 (Joe Henderson)
5. My Foolish Heart 9:09 (Victor Young)
6. Emily 3:31 (Johnny Mandel)
7. The More I See You 3:34 (Harry Warren)
8. Nostalgia In Times Square 5:06 (Charles Mingus)
9. Trocadero 7:09 (Chris Rottmayer)
10. Waltz for Julia 5:51 (Chris Rottmayer)
11. Cherokee 7:04 (Ray Noble)
12. Break Blues for Pilar 1:42 (Chris Rottmayer)

Chris Rottmayer: piano
Walt Hubbard: drums
Charlie Silva: bass
Jack Wilkins: tenor saxophone


Artist: Chris Rottmayer
CD Title: Sunday at Pilars
Add Date: November 9, 2020
Street Date: November 13, 2020
Label: Pilars Records
Available at all fine retailers

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