Facebook has already gotten into the music business – did you blink and miss it?

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Facebook New Music Changes

Facebook has gotten into the music business, signing a deal with Universal

Facebook just took a huge step into the music platform waters. The company just signed a multi-year licensing deal with Universal Music – its first with any record label.

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The company just signed a multi-year licensing deal with Universal Music – making Universal the first with any record label.


The deal will allow Facebook to license Universal’s recorded music and catalogs for video across Facebook, Instagram and Oculus. Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed.


October 1st is bringing new “Music Guidelines” to the platform, one has to wonder how this all plays out for artist singing/playing jazz standards or rearranging pop music into jazz renderings.  Thankfully there STILL is the good old fashioned thing that still pays .06 cents per play (better than SPOTIFY at .003 – did you see the difference there, or nothing through Facebook or soundcloud).  One hopes that small label or independently released jazz artists start selling direct from their website – as one CD at $10.00 takes 3,333 plays on Spotify to recoup and its not even a dedicated audience like jazz radio is. (Stay Tuned for 2nd Tier Sales Ideas for the Health of the Artist Article Coming Soon).  When someone purposely tunes into jazz radio which by the way, NPR’s senior director of public policy and her team released its Spring 2019 report (COVID has slowed down the 2020 report to come). Some exciting and encouraging tidbits came to light. You can see and download the full report, a summary, and an infographic here: https://noncommusic.org/report/

One huge item: jazz radio reaches 4.7 million listeners weekly. That’s a huge number, and one that cannot be overlooked, its also a TARGETED audience tuned in specifically to hear jazz, which we all know is VERY important as jazz is a 1% block of the music market, and reaching that target is important.   That is why its important to hire companies like Kari-On Productions that specializes in Radio & Press Promotions.  Heck, we don’t even hide our results so there really is no mystery what we are achieving for independent and small label artists alike.  While you are here, check around – we work with a large network of cross-pollination outlets to get your music heard. We don’t limit our outreach to one sector of the industry, we use the power of our 32 years of working in various sectors of the industry to get your music heard by the industry.  Each release, each artist is equally important!


Now back to the story………….

The deal will give Facebook, the opportunity to compete with YouTube (Owned by Google, owned by Alphabet). Previously Facebook has allowed users to upload content with music pretty freely. Only recently has that started to change.  Courting content creators and rights holders in an attempt to have them host more content on the service and has touted a content ID system that would identify infringing material.

Now with the labels now getting involved, this could mean increased pressure on Facebook to police its content and issue takedowns. It will likely mean that songs can monetized as well, which is a boon for artists who have found that the only way to get any engagement is to upload directly to Facebook, though that gets you no money directly in return.

Though Universal is only one label so far, it is the largest of the labels and its only a matter of time before other labels will feel the pinch and follow suit. This will put pressure on YouTube what Facebook hopes to create great competition for.

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

Since 1988 Kari-On Productions has helped artists get an even footing in the industry through jazz promotion in the genres of Jazz, World & Latin Jazz through Jazz Radio and Publicity. Why do we do both, because they compliment each other, and we care about fiscal longevity for the artist.

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