Lavender Lemonade – A New Twist On An Old Recipe

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by Kari Gaffney

Many of you know my conviction about pure and natural products, I strive in my daily life to get chemically based products out of the household. My grandmother lived to 106, so my quest for healthy living is certainly inspired by her longevity. Whether it be in food or household products, be aware what is going into your body and what you are also in-taking to your lungs.  Summertime is very hot in Georgia, and cooling off with flavorful drinks makes the summer more bearable.  Unfortunately so many drinks are filled with chemicals, high levels of sugar and additives.  I am always on a quest for new recipes that focus on simply ingredients.  Enter…..Lavender Lemonade.  Simple, easy and great tasting. I hope you enjoy my new twist on an old recipe.



– 12 cups of pure water.  (This the base to  your taste, so water quality does affect the taste).
You can read my article about reverse osmosis, my journey to clean water

– One cup of raw organic honey (locally purchased honey is awesome, as the bees are exposed to the same environmental local allergens)

-Two drops lavender essential oil (be sure its 100% pure essential oil – I like the brand Aura Cacia)

-Six peeled and juiced lemons (again buying from local farmers market if you can is an added benefit)

-Lavender springs for garnish (this is optional – I grow Lavender so its easy for me to obtain, this might take a bit of searching locally). You can also garnish with lemons for a zingy taste.

Combine all ingredients and leave it to chill.  If you have a sweet tooth (like me), add more honey for taste! Enjoy!!


Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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