Convertible Burt  (5:47)

Ghetto-Rig Master (2:04) (an interlude)

Night On The Town (8:21)

Team Jago (5:10)

One Day Wonder (10:31)

Master Ghetto-Rig (1:35) (an interlude)

Mono Stereos (8:13)

Dr. Stein (2:00) (an interlude)

CasaEnglewood (6:42)

Stoner (10:08)

The music from Troy Roberts’ ‘Nu-Jive 5’ is an eclectic concoction of soul, R&B, electronica, gospel, and even glimpses of the 19th century romantic period – all musically glued together by every player’s great sense of Jazz etiquette. However, the main concept behind the group is to serve as the meeting place of five great

 musical minds.


“Whilst it’s not common to display virtuosity, it’s even rarer to be wonderfully creative while doing so. But the rarest of all gifts is to have a unique voice; a sound that is unmistakably your own, Troy Roberts has this gift. He amply demonstrates that it’s possible to pay homage to the great tenor players of jazz and still create a fresh approach that leaves the listener always in anticipation of what he’ll come up with next.”

– James Morrison


“While jazz is so strongly identified as swing, it is nice to see the next gen carving out their sound and ideas. Roberts, along with his well-equipped ensemble, is certainly up to the task - creating a jazz record that employs great playing and abundant ideas. Roberts though young in age, certainly has an arsenal of abilities under his belt, and has the makings and foundation of a lasting great saxophonist. Versatile in style, with a strong grasp of yesterday and today, he is a force to be reckoned with no matter the setting. He is more than one to watch, he is one to follow closely.”

– JazzTimes Magazine


Troy Roberts – sax

Tim Jago - guitar

Silvano Monasterios – keys

Eric England – bass

David Chiverton – drums


..all compositions by Troy Roberts..


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