KARIBU is Elizabeth’s third release as a band leader, and with this CD, Elizabeth’s vision has fully arrived, conveying her belief that now, more than ever, we are presented with the opportunity to join together and celebrate humanity, by exploring the breadth and richness of the world’s cultures and traditions through the arts.


Elizabeth has played and composed many styles of music and KARIBU is a fulfilling expression of the group’s joyful and optimistic hybrid.  The performances and chemistry of the players project a powerful message, a journey that results in a human bonding and deeper passion for the cultures portrayed in each composition.


KARIBU is produced by Stu Kuby. Stu has been responsible for the creation and production of music for a wide variety of artists including: Ella Fitzgerald, Eartha Kitt, Whitney Houston,Roberta Flack, Michael Bolton, Doctor John, Aretha Franklin, Michael MacDonald, Gladys Knight, Al Jarreau, Aaron Neville, Herbie Hancock, Paul McCartney, and beyond.


Nathaniel Reichman serves as chief recording engineer and sound mixer. Nathan’s work can be heard on television and in the classical-music concert hall in his affiliations with composers Philip Glass, Ahrin Mishan, JohnLuther Adams, and Michael Small.


Elizabeth has integrated her travels and life experiences into her music and the result is a cohesive and pleasurable fluency.  Though sprinkled with jazz influences, KARIBU fuses the sounds of the globe into its fabric, creating a universal voice of ‘new world’.


Each cut has its own unique story; “Karibu” is a welcoming song to this delightfully textural collection.  “Malaika Mlongo” is a soothing lullaby, while “Adhiambo,” is a special name given to Luo girls in Kenya who are born after dusk.  This is a song dedicated to Elizabeth’s young friend Susan Adhiambo Odoyo. Its unique sound transports you immediately to another place.


“Bica” is whimsically titled after a fabulous cheese from Portugal; this lively Brazilian-flavored cut brings together beautiful melody and a great samba groove..  Inspired by the rain, “La Lluvia,” gives a nod to Chopin and his Raindrop Prelude within a lush jazz-harmony context.  “O Feche” is an inspirational tune featuring Zorkie’s vocals that joyfully uplifts.  “Mbizerere” is based on a traditional mbira song from Zimbabwe.  “La Danse” is inspired by Elizabeth’s work with dancers, and this piece makes an epic journey from its classical beginning to West Africa and back within its surprising arc.  In closing, the Bill-Evans inspired “Aire” was written for Elizabeth’s life partner, her husband Andrew for their wedding day.


With KARIBU, Elizabeth and her co-conspirators have created a collection of inspiring pieces that conjure up new worlds, new mysteries and new musical pathways--join them as they take you on a stirring expedition.


Rebecca Kleinmann is a Bay-area based flutist and vocalist who has steeped her ears in music around the world from choro rodas in Brazil, to flamenco juergas in Spain, and Jazz clubs everywhere. Originally from North Carolina, she became the first flutist to earn a Jazz degree from Indiana University.


Seattle native woodwinds player Jonathan Greene grew up surrounded by that city’s rich classical, jazz and world music scene. He came East to attend Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs on a music scholarship, remaining in the area and embarking on a multitude of musical endeavors, from orchestral to musical theater, jazz and beyond.


Guitarist/mandolinist John Ehlis is inspired by traditional music from around the world. Now based in the NY area, he completed his formal musical studies at UC Riverside in California.


John Menegon is a veteran bass player based in the Woodstock, NY area who has toured the world playing in the Dewey Redman Quartet, as well as leading his own groups.


Brian Melick is a percussive treasure who is known for his unique “hybrid” sound, built from his incredible collection of world music instruments. He tours regularly with a diverse range of groups ranging musically from Flamenco to Celtic.


Zorkie Nelson comes from a lineage of master drummers in Ghana, where he was a founding member of the Pan-African Orchestra.  Now based in upstate NY, Zorkie also leads his own group, Gballoi, and was a member of Yacub Addy’s Ghanaian ensemble Odadaa! for 11 years.

Elizabeth Woodbury Kasius - piano, elec piano, voice

Jonathan Greene - clarinets, saxophones

Rebecca Kleinmann – flute

John Ehlis - guitar, mandolin

John Menegon – bass

Brian Melick – percussion

Zorkie Nelson - percussion, voice

Jeffrey Parker – cello

Dan Vidali - cello

1. Karibu 6:03

2. Malaika Mlongo 4:25

3. Adhiambo  5:27

4. Bica 4:55

5. La Lluvia 5:51

6. O Feche  4:34

7. Mbizerere  2:39

8. La Danse  8:12

9. Aire 4:19

Artist: Elizabeth Woodbury Kasius & Heard

CD Title: Karibu

website: www.heardmusic.net

Booking Contact:

Elizabeth Woodbury Kasius


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